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Weintrauben Zeichnung

Soil acts as the vibrant foundation of our wines

Soil and vineyards reveal how a winemaker thinks, works and what his wines will eventually taste like. The clear orientation towards biodynamics, where the soil is deemed with great significance, had therefore been an obvious step for us. Multiple actions, the application of biodynamic preparations and the enhancement of ecological diversity have allowed my vineyards to prosper.

Regenwurm Zeichnung


Eidechsen Zeichnung

A bustling life exists in and above the soil

The ensemble of plants, insects, birds and reptiles creates an aesthetic and beneficial dimension. As a demeter winegrower, I am continuously seeking to enhance life in and above the soil, to break monoculture and intensify diversity. An active soil life induces higher resistance to negative environmental impacts, better aeration, deeper rooting and a diverse nutrient system and results into energetic vines and healthy grapes. My wines are the proof of that.

Klee Zeichnung
Zeichnung von FRITZ SALOMON

‘I am convinced that only a conscious and respectful agriculture is able to capture the whole expressiveness of a vine that eventually results in authentic and complex wines.’


Unterschrift von Demeter-Winzer Fritz Salomon
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