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‘I allow my wines the time they need to develop.’

Unterschrift von Demeter-Winzer FRITZ SALOMON

Not every winegrower who produces natural wine agrees with the indication. Some substitute ‘natural’ and prefix the word wine with adjectives such as raw, naked, honest or real. Whichever indication it may be, the intention stays the same: it is about bottling wines that were cultivated consciously and vinified puristically with minimum intervention and additives. These wines reflect origin and tradition, they are vibrant and pure and unfold multi-layered aromas and complexity.

Unfortunately, a legal regulation about what natural wine really is has not yet been defined.


So, we set up our own agenda: in the vineyards we work according to demeter’s biodynamic principles and in the cellar we follow a hands-off approach. Our wines are fermented spontaneously and temperatures are fundamentally not controlled. Some wines are filtered, however, we do provide an unfiltered alternative.


Our wines are accompanied, observed and tasted before ongoing decisions that have a major impact on the wine are made. We pick the casks in which our wines mature, determine how long they stay on the full or fine lees and whether mash fermentation or air contact would benefit the wine’s development. Nothing is taken away nor is anything added – apart from minimal amounts of sulphur every now and then.


Our wines are open, welcoming, expressive and energetic. They allow a rare glimpse back into the past but are also a step towards the future. Wines that are pure fingerprints of their terroir and capture the full span of their grape varieties aroma facets, far from traditional generalisations and classifications. They are pure craftsmanship and fully reflect our ideals.

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